Unique Holiday Traditions


Edwina Henry, Author

As the holiday season continues we all get into the spirit, but have you ever wondered how unique some traditions can get? Well it ranges from different ways to eat food to releasing little mooncakes into a river for Chinese New Year. Many people have many different holiday traditions but here are a couple of unique ones we heard while interviewing students:

  • “Every year we make hot chocolate then go on a drive around NJ to see the lights. We always go to this house that is covered in blue lights and we just sit there for some time and take pictures.”
  • “We place mooncakes into a lake for Chinese New Year.”
  • “Instead of putting out presents under the tree we put them on the couch.”
  • “It’s a contest to see who wakes up the earliest, then that person gets to open their presents first.”

While many of the other traditions I found were very unique, these seemed to stand out the most.

Hopefully everyone has a great holiday season with and without their unique traditions!