A Day of Volunteering at Hartshorn Elementary


Gabriela Wurgaft and Ashna Gaglani

Fifty three years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream in which he saw equality for all. He urged people not to turn to bitterness or hatred, but to the love inside themselves.

Dr. King’s legacy continues today and in 1986, Martin Luther King Day became an official holiday. For some, this holiday has evolved into a day of civil service, encouraged by the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency. This means many Americans also choose to commemorate Dr. King, not just by taking the day off, but  by acting as he did, through volunteering.

The peer leader groups, PIPS and PALS went to Hartshorn Elementary School on Friday January 13th to teach younger students about the story of Dr. King. They read books specific to each grade and taught them about Dr. King’s accomplishments and about his life. These books included:

The elementary students then wrote (or colored) their thoughts and ideas on pieces of paper. All of the children’s papers were linked together creating one spiritual chain of equality and friendship.