The Wish Student-Faculty Volleyball Game: What To Expect


A faculty team photo from the original Student-Faculty Volleyball Game (Mrs. Detore)

Gabriela Wurgaft and Kayla Cohen

The Student Team Brackets for the “Play-in Challenge” on Tuesday, January 31st.

On February 1st, the WISH peer leaders are holding their annual Student vs. Teacher volleyball game! The game will raise money for the Make-A-Wish New Jersey foundation. According to their website, the goal of Make-A-Wish is to “grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”

Students who wanted to play in the game signed up in record numbers; at publication time, 125 MMS students are listed to participate in the “Play-in Challenge,” which currently is up to 15 student teams. On Tuesday January 31st, after school in the Upper Gym, student players will square-off in 8-9 minute games and the last four remaining teams will play again the next day on Wednesday February 1st with the 4 teacher teams.

The students take on some of the teachers from MMS including: Mr. Brundage, Ms. Gonnella, Ms. Freitag, Mr. Serra, and many others. To find out more about the game we interviewed Ms. Charles, the new WISH peer leader advisor, and Mr. Chernoski, a peer leader co-coordinator involved in the event.

Ms. Charles:

Q: Why do you think Make-A-Wish is an important cause for the proceeds of the game?

A: The Make A Wish Foundation helps raise money to grant children a wish of their choice for those who are sick. This is a great opportunity to give back.

Q: What do you think of the excitement throughout the school over a volleyball game?

A: I think overall everyone is super pumped up which will help make this event successful.

Q: Why do you think kids should play in the game?

A: Playing in the game is a good opportunity to have fun, be competitive, and also contribute to a bigger cause by helping children in need.

Q: How much money has WISH raised in the past and what is your goal for this year?

A: Last year WISH raised over $2,000 and our goal is to exceed that amount.


Then we interviewed Mr. Chernoski, a veteran in the event.

Q: Can you explain the format of this year’s game?

A: There are going to be student teams that will play in a single elimination game the Tuesday before game day. We will accept up to 16 student teams. The student teams will be much smaller than in the past because of this, which means more hits for all. Students should remember to have gym clothes ready for Tuesday and Wednesday and will be dismissed 5 minutes early from their last class both days.

Q: Who can participate? Do you have to be a volleyball player?

A: No, any student who donated to the charity.

Q: Do you have any spotlight teachers who we should be looking out for this year?

A: Mr. Rentiers, Mr. Brundage, Ms. Freitag, and Mr. Serra are great players, that I know of, who you should watch out for in the game!


In one of the most intense ever volleyball games, the teachers somehow pushed through. In every teacher vs. teacher match, the game went to overtime, until there were only two teams left. The teacher green team battled the mudbone’s. The game was extremely close. With 10 seconds left, the green team tied it up and the game went to overtime. In the end, the teachers ended up beating the students. Despite the loss this was the first time that the student team tied the game and had to go into overtime. A major breakthrough for all the student teams in the future. The Winners of the 2017 Student vs Faculty Volleyball Game are Mr. Rentiers, Ms. Tangreti, Mr. Shirley, Ms. Measel, Mr. Cano, and Ms. Cuneo.