Random Acts of Kindness Week


TIGS peer leaders are getting ready for their big week of Random Acts of Kindness.

Back in February was, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week. Students might have received a small sticker when they walked into school, or someone out in the the hallways. Members of TIGS peer leaders went around the school performing small, but kind deeds.

They were hoping people catch on and start helping others, even if they aren’t in TIGS. The end is result is to limit kindness not just to this week, but 24/7 and is inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

In the previous years, TIGS peer leaders put nice messages on teachers cars and gave candy out in the mornings. The main idea of Random Acts of Kindness is whenever you see someone struggling, to give them a hand.

This goes beyond picking up someone’s books in the hallway. This is about making the world better one day at a time, to embrace a general aura of kindness throughout our lives.

We hope MMS students continue spread that kindness throughout our school and maybe farther than that. The widespread effect can be large. Kindness spreads, don’t stop it!