30 Things to Accomplish Before You Finish Middle School


Edwina Henry


Throughout three years of Middle School it may seem like a small part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish new things. The PEN peer leaders have come up with a Read the list below and see how many you have accomplished. And the rest, well, good luck!

  1. Go to the library and check out books
  2. Get a 100 on a test or a quiz
  3. Sit with someone else at lunch, rather than your regular group
  4. Be the first to homeroom
  5. After 9th period, see if you can get out of the school and your books packed without bumping into anything or anyone
  6. Play with the hoola-hoops in Mr. Chernoski’s room
  7. Have an absent-free trimester
  8. Be in a study-group
  9. Wear crazy socks to school one day
  10. Wear an outfit with a theme
  11. Go to “the dungeon” at least once
  12. Contribute to the school play
  13. Buy from the bake sale
  14. Go to one of the peer leader events
  15. Go to Empty Bowls
  16. Write an amazing essay or create an excellent piece of art
  17. Donate some of your candy to UNICEF
  18. Play or watch the Student-Faculty Volleyball game
  19. Go after school for help (FLEX)
  20. Try to not have any overdue books
  21. Go to one of the school’s concerts
  22. Talk to someone in a younger grade
  23. Go to town with your friends after school
  24. Perform a random act of kindness
  25. Go to the library for study hall
  26. Get a 100 on a school project
  27. Bring lunch from home everyday for a week (if you haven’t already)
  28. Visit your old teachers (if not in sixth grade)
  29. Visit your old elementary school
  30. Read 5 articles on The Millburn Penpoint

Good luck and have fun!