The Bicycle Thief

Linnea Johansson and Joy Luo

In Millburn, readers might not believe it is common for something to get stolen from a public place. According to Neighborhoodscout, however, crimes and thefts in Millburn and Short Hills are not improbable.

Recently, a 2014 3500 Trek bike of a sixth grade student at Millburn Middle School, was stolen from the bike rack at the Millburn Public Library.

PEN was able to interview a brother of the student, to get more information on the situation.

The person stated that his brother parked his bike at the library before school as he does most mornings. However, when he went to pick his bike up after school, he found that it was not there.

The bike owner was confused and thought that he had forgotten where he left the bike. Then he saw that the chain he used to lock his bike was missing as well and that his helmet had been thrown to the ground. His helmet was intact, but as of now, his bike lock has not been found yet.

He called his parents after the incident and then, the police. Unfortunately, the Millburn Library does not have video surveillance at the side of the building where the bike racks are located.

Consequently, the only evidence that the police have  for their search of the bike is the description of the bike and the bike’s serial number.

The brothers found out the information on the bike at the High Gear Cyclery in downtown Millburn, which is where the bike was purchased.

The police officers that are on this case have not been able to find the bike yet. It had been almost three weeks since the theft, so unfortunately, the bike may never be found. However, both brothers have learned a very important lesson from this experience.

They have learned that even when an object if placed in a secure place, it does not mean that the object is completely protected. The older brother stated, “it doesn’t matter about the price of your bike and even if it has a lock – it can be broken through.”

He has also sent a letter to Mr. Cahill asking him to warn other students in Millburn to purchase strong, durable locks for their bikes, which is how The Penpoint discovered this story.  

The most important lesson that both have taken from this experience is that there are steps you can take to secure valuables (locks, public spaces, how to properly lock your bike), but few things in life are guaranteed.