Students Standing For Students


Maddy Bryant, Writer

Ms. D’Alessio, an 8th grade English teacher, is currently hosting a fundraiser for Preschool Advantage. Preschool Advantage is a New Jersey based charity that helps disadvantaged children go to preschool. Called Students Standing for Students, D’Alessio hopes to raise enough money to send one child to preschool.

From October 26 through November 1st, Ms. D’Alessio is collecting checks for Preschool Advantage as well as Mrs. Pedreiras. Their aim is to use literature to inspire students to make the world a better place. Their classes are helping children who do not have a voice in the world because they are poor and are not able to afford a preschool education.

Additionally, Mrs. D’Alessio believes in using the themes of literature to add optimism and hope to life. After reading the ending of Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, part of the 8th grade reading curriculum, student were encouraged to find a way to better the world for others.

At the end of the novella, George ends the life of Lennie, a mentally disadvantaged man, for controversial reasons. Steinbeck’s reason for writing the book was to call attention to the outcasts of the society of the 1930s: the people with no voice. However, Ms. D’Alessio believes that it is better to change the world, even for just one child, and that is the best use of education in humanity. She teaches her children that literature can help them to understand the plight of other people. Ms. D’Alessio said that she hopes that when her students think back to the book Of Mice and Men, they will think of the unknown child they have sent preschool, rather than the somber resolution.

But why does preschool matter anyway? According to the Perry Preschool Study, students who go through preschool have higher earnings, commit less crimes, are more likely to hold a job, and are more prone to graduate high school.

All in all, preschool is crucial to early childhood development and can influence the course of one’s life. If you would like to donate, please go room 115 before or after school, or during Period 2.