Review of Kung Fu Tea

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Review of Kung Fu Tea

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Kung Fu Tea, a bubble tea cafe, just opened in downtown Millburn this year. It has a diverse menu with many unique choices. Besides tea, Kung Fu Tea offers a variety of cold slushes, punches, and coffees, with many toppings such as boba, jelly, pudding, tapioca, and mung beans.

We ordered three drinks at Kung Fu Tea: A mango green tea, a honey milk green tea, and a strawberry milk slush, all with bubbles. 

We waited in line for about 3 minutes, just enough time to let each of us pick a drink. The store had tables and chairs along with a countertop space, and the atmosphere was very casual and comfortable. After we ordered, the drinks came out relatively fast, except the strawberry milk slush which took several minutes longer than the teas. The drinks were made right in front of us, and it was fun to watch them make each one and add the bubbles.

The mango green tea had a natural taste. It was not overly sweet, and the bubbles and syrup added a nice honey flavor to the rest of the drink. The mango taste was great, as it provided fresh hints of fruit without being overpowering. Priced at $4.28, the mango green tea was less than the other drinks but still expensive for tea.

The honey milk green tea had a very pleasant and sweet taste. The honey was not too overpowering, and overall, it was very creamy and palatable. However, the green tea was not as evident as the honey and milk. With bubbles and tax, the drink was $5.72, which is expensive for a tea drink.

The strawberry milk slush was a very unique beverage. As the name says, it did not contain any tea and stood out among the menu options. It tasted just like a strawberry “gogurt.” After a few minutes, it became too overbearingly sweet to drink. Priced at $5.08, it might be for you, if you have many sweet teeth. 

The bubbles were the best part of our drinks. The chewy tapioca balls were poured into the drinks in a syrup that added a nice touch of flavor. They were just enough bubbles for the amount of tea, and you got some bubbles with every sip. The bubbles were definitely the stand-out in the drinks, being chewy but not too chewy, as well as being flavorful without being overly sweet.

Overall, we had quality tea and quality tapioca balls. However, the strawberry slush was disappointing. All in all, Kung Fu Tea is worth the occasional visit and is a nice addition to our downtown



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