Dubai – The City of the Future

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Dubai – The City of the Future

Ishaan Salhotra, Writer

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As the site of numerous world records, extravagant and new architecture, and ambitious projects, the United Arab Emirates is flourishing with its oil profits. Perhaps its most famous emirate, or state, is Dubai, which has the famous city within its boundaries. From the Burj Khalifa to the Palm Jumeirah, the attractions of Dubai are numerous and ever-growing. Here are some of the best places to visit in Dubai and around the UAE.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is probably the most iconic tower in Dubai. It is the tallest manmade structure, standing at an astounding 2722 feet (829.8 meters) height from base to tip. It also contains the longest distance elevator with a distance of 504 meters. It is inspired by the Spider Lily, as can be seen from above the tower.

The Spider Lily, which acted as the functional design for the Burj Khalifa.

The view is nothing short of spectacular, but the wait is long, with wait times reaching up to an hour.The elevator ride does give a pressure buildup in your ears, so it is recommended to chew gum. However, since Dubai tries hard to stay clean, you will be fined if you are caught sticking gum anywhere on the walls or tables. The observation deck is inside the building and outside on top of one of the building’s cylinders. If you are outside, there is a large amount of wind, but some of it is shielded by the glass fence-like wall. The tower used to be named the Burj Dubai but was changed to the name of the current President of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa. The tower, however, was built under the jurisdiction of Vice-President Sheikh Mohammed.

Burj Khalifa

Theme Parks and Resorts

Dubai has many projects for developing theme parks in their Dubai Parks and Resorts area. It contains Legoland Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, and Bollywood Parks Dubai. Additionally, in the Palm Jumeirah, there is an Atlantis Dubai resort for anyone wanting a beach vacation. The Palm itself is not much of an attraction since its crowded with beach houses. Outside of Dubai, like in the other famous emirate Abu Dhabi, there are a few more resorts, including Ferrari World (the world’s largest indoor theme park), which has the worlds fastest rollercoaster. Very close to this theme park is the Yas Marina Circuit, an F1 racetrack which surrounds a futuristic hotel.

Burj Al Arab

This hotel is also very iconic and is the world’s largest hotel. It is not much of an attraction unless you decide to stay there, however, but it is featured in many souvenirs.

Dubai Mall

The current largest mall is the Dubai Mall. It has an indoor aquarium with scuba diving and shark swimming. It has an indoor skating rink and the largest OLED screen in the world. There are hundreds of shops and a large expanse to wander around.

Desert Adventures

One fun thing to do in the UAE is going on a desert safari. There is much to do, but having gone on it, I have some pros and cons for you. I went on the Arabian Adventures one, and they have many tours in the UAE. To begin, you are dropped off at a camp where you can see skydivers in the air, and it is desert all around (about an hour from Dubai). You get to see a falcon show, where they explain the role of a falcon in Arab culture and lifestyle. You get to see it in action, hunting meat swung by a rope by the trainer. After all of this, you take another drive which is the start of the real adventure.

It starts off with a 15-minute dune drive, which is probably the bumpiest and one of the most exciting car rides you will ever be on. One warning, for anyone who feels carsick, you will absolutely feel nauseous in this part of the trip. The scary thing is, these dunes are known as small dunes, so big dunes would be far worse. I advise taking medicine prior to the safari. After this, you arrive at the second camp where you stay for the rest of the adventure. You can ride a camel, take a picture with the falcon on your hand, and go sandboarding. This last part is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It feels different than snowboarding even though it looks similar. You can ride down similar to snowboarding or you can sit on the board and still go down fast. However, it is dangerous. If you decide to go down like a snowboarder, you should be very careful. After these, you are served dinner with falafel and other Arabic foods and experience the cool desert at night.

Sunset View in the Desert

Sand Souvenir

One unique souvenir you can get is a custom sand bottle. Someone will write your name on a bottle and make a drawing by filling the bottle with sand and changing the sand’s shape. It looks very visual and is pretty, but it is expensive to buy at this adventure. I later found a much cheaper and similar quality sand bottle kiosk in one of Dubai’s souks (markets). One problem with this souvenir is that, even though it is solidified on the top, the sand can move on the inside, destroying it on a plane fight like what happened to mine.

Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi is, in fact, the richest emirate/state in Dubai, because it is the largest with the most oil. It contains the newly built Louvre Abu Dhabi, which holds some famous Louvre artwork and the latest bought DaVinci painting, Salvator Mundi. It also holds the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (built by the father of UAE, Sheikh Zayed), which is a big mosque with the largest open marble mosaic, largest carpet, and largest chandelier. There is also the Yas Marina Circuit, an F1 racetrack which surrounds a futuristic hotel. It also holds the President’s palace and theEmirates Palace.

Yas Marina Circuit

Largest Chandelier in the World

Old Dubai

Dubai has a little history, and tours for Old Dubai are great for learning about Arab culture. In Old Dubai, you can visit the Dubai Museum, the oldest building in Dubai. You can take a boat ride on the old fishing boats. You can also the visit the three markets, or souks: the spice souk, gold souk, and old souk. In old souk, you can eat common UAE delicacies including dates with nuts in them. In the spice souk, you can buy some of the best quality spices in the world including their famous saffron. In gold souk, there are many gold shops, as well as the world’s largest ring which is made only of solid gold and gems and weighs more than an adult human being.

>>Dubai World Expo 2020<<

If you’re excited to go to Dubai, I would actually ask you to wait until 2020. In 2020, Dubai is having a World Expo, where it will be showcasing to the world its cars, architecture, and luxurious resorts. In 2020, there will be a new biggest mall and tallest building. The Mall of the World will open, which is projected to be twice the size of the Dubai Mall. However, far more exciting will be the Dubai Creek Tower. While this building may be beaten by the Jeddah tower in Saudi Arabia, this tower may be updated to score the world record. It is being called the mile-high tower, even though it isn’t that tall. What is unique about this building is that it is surrounded by short buildings, and in the expansive circle around it, there is purely walkways and paths for the tower’s beauty. It is purely for height and will only serve as an observation tower. It has large rope-like structures on its sides that make it look futuristic

Model of Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai is surpassing all expectations. World records are constantly being beaten there, and they will just keep increasing. If you’re looking to time travel a few decades in the future, just book a flight to the city of the future, Dubai.

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