Remember When It Was Cold? Area Pond Hockey Players Do

Remember When It Was Cold? Area Pond Hockey Players Do

Ziv S. Segal

We are almost halfway through winter, and what’s better than ice skating in Taylor Park? Considering the weather back in December, the small pond froze and people have been skating there. Many even started playing ice-hockey; kids and adults, all strangers who have never met each other before, play together and enjoy the spirit of the game. Recently, many hockey “players” were interviewed regarding the sport, how long they have been playing, who taught them, how to properly choose equipment, and even some tips for beginners.

How long have you been playing?

Since many participants were surveyed, the amount of years that the hockey players have been skating varied from four to sixty three.

How did you learn how to play?

“I grew up near a river, and everyone used to go there after school, and we just skated after school.”  Many of the participants studied through cliniques, and for some, it is a family tradition, where their parents, after being taught by their own parents, taught their kids.

Do you have any safety tips for people who are new on the ice?

“Always wear a helmet, one that fits. Just be confident and don’t think about falling. Get skates that you’re comfy in, not too tight, not too loose, just ones that feel right.”

Where do you recommend to get hockey equipment?

“Well, you can usually get equipment from Dick’s Sporting Goods or some other sports shop. My skates belonged to my older brother and I kinda had to grow into them, so make sure to buy equipment that fits well.”

In lakes that aren’t marked by a flag, how do you know if it’s safe to skate?

“You should probably be looking for a lake where it’s frozen for at least five inches and the ice is clear, and try avoiding cracks although that’s a given. “

Do you recommend any other ponds where you can play hockey?

“In theory, you can skate in an ice rink but to play ice hockey, you kinda have to find a pond. I personally love skating in Central Park, ‘cause even though it’s not a lake, it’s just so beautiful when it’s all frozen.”