What’s the Most Interesting Room in the School? A PEN Peer Leader Challenge

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What’s the Most Interesting Room in the School? A PEN Peer Leader Challenge

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PEN peer leaders were given a difficult task before the February break. We had to take a rather mundane subject and make it interesting!

We were paired off and set on a journey by our advisor, Mr. Chernoski – to produce a story about a room in the Middle School. And we had to write a story and make it an engaging and interesting read!

Look below to read how we did!

Then, please vote in our poll section, which is at the bottom right our our website, and indicate which one you liked best!



According to Stephen Chernoski, an MMS teacher, there might not be a comprehensive record of students who have attended Millburn Middle School. However, a secret spot, located between the auditorium and the lower Gym, is a room that is used as a storage room for props from the plays.

What might be the only record of previous students, we bring the, “Student Hall of Fame.” Almost all students sign their name along with the year that they attended MMS and the role they played in the play. Many of the students still go to the school today. The list of names covers the walls of two rooms in total and has become a tradition for the students of the school.




 Imagine a room where you could have access to any information you wanted, whether it be for school or just any inquiry you may have. Luckily, we have a room just like this in MMS, and it is the most interesting room in the school. Which room is it? Why, to answer the question, the library is without a doubt the most interesting room in MMS.

        First of all, the library possesses tons of information. Right when one enters the room, he/she will already see the sheer number of books placed in its shelves. Every book is categorized in different shelves, and each book has something different to offer to any reader. Any person can obtain the answer nearly any question they have. Even though it is obvious that every library has a huge number of books, the huge variety of books and the wonderful librarians are what separate the MMS library from other rooms.

        In addition to informative books, the library also possesses entertaining content of any genre that a reader wants. One can find books ranging from action to romance to fantasy. Even people who hate books become avid readers when they enter the MMS library and find a book that appeals to them. The library’s huge range of content for any genre makes it one of a kind!


How much time have you spend in the auditorium? Millburn Middle School’s auditorium holds a lot of history. From concerts to auditorium time, from the school play to assemblies. Middle school students are familiar with the rows of blue cushioned seats and the chandeliers hanging from the tall ceiling.

The play, a school tradition, is always in the auditorium. Performers sing and dance on the stage as MASH peer leaders work the audio and lights. Mack Harris, a pilot in last year’s production of The Little Mermaid, claims that his favorite part of being in the play was looking out into the auditorium and seeing all the happy faces smiling back at him and the rest of the cast.

Every day, students spend half of their lunch period in the auditorium. Students fill the rows in the auditorium as chatter and gossip fill the air.

Multiple concerts take place throughout the school year and students get a chance to see what orchestra, band and choir students have been working on. Orchestra and wind ensemble students come to school at 7 am to practice in preparation for their concerts.

Many assemblies are also held in the auditorium. Maddy Bryant’s and Alice Zakusilo’s favorite assembly was when Mykee Fowlin came to MMS and performed for the students. He did multiple impressions of people and talked about tolerance of all people.

Induction Night, where peer leaders are officially inducted into the MMS peer leader program, takes place in the auditorium as well! All peer leader groups come together and the peer leaders are inducted by Millburn High School peer leaders.

MMS’s auditorium has held, and will continue to hold, many amazing events for its students!


You probably didn’t know that there’s a old room in the Middle School covered with a thick layer of dust. Most classrooms are full to the brim of students learning each and everyday. Most people would assume that no classroom is empty, but this room isn’t a classroom. It’s not that clean, and it rarely gets visitors. Yet this room is the most interesting in the whole school.

The old AV room is found on the balcony of the auditorium. Inside, initials are carved dating back to the 1970s. There’s an old pulley system covered in rust but it’s not lifting anything now.

There’s an broken down orange skateboard which was probably once owned by a Millburn Middle School student. Or Perhaps it was owned by M.P., the set of initials carved into the electric box in 1978!

Originally, the auditorium, along with the AV room, was made during to extensions onto the original school which was built in the 1920s.

The AV room was probably used for school plays before the control panel was built in the back of the auditorium’s first floor. Even though it’s not used anymore, it’s ancient relics tell a story of the school’s history.


Ever heard of the 8th staircase? Yeah you know the 7th, 9th etc. but what about the 8th? Unless you’ve ever been in the play, you probably have never seen this staircase. This play room leads to a mysterious rusty staircase which leads to a big room with empty doorways.

Before we entered the doorway, we found a blue door leading to a huge room. Half of the room was storage while the other half was the cafeteria kitchen! After exploring that part, we decided to look in the doorways. One of the doorways leads to an abandoned locker room and bathroom, another one leads to a room containing the heating ventilation. Yeah that doesn’t sound that exciting but wait until you hear this, in the heating room you will find another hallway leading to an office. But not just any office, it is filled with boxes and boxes of anything a school needs. Tissues, light bulbs, toilet paper. Everything!

As you keep walking into the room you will find a desk with a half filled gatorade bottle, quiet radio that is turned on, and a jacket. As PEN peer leaders, we had special permission from the custodial staff to investigate. Thus this journey around the school was interesting, just know there is more to your school then you may think!


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