Empty Bowls Recap


Ziv Segal

On March 15th, Millburn Middle School hosted their yearly Empty Bowls fundraiser. Overall, 225 bowls were sold, with a total profit of $3,375. All of the money will go to worthy causes such as the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and Down the Block, a charity that helps families in need.


Here is some information about the event:


What is Down the Block?


It’s a local charity in Millburn and Short Hills that helps families in need. It actually started during the recession, when the market crashed, which was about 8 years ago. Even though we think that everyone in this area is really wealthy, there are some people who are in need of assistance.


How did the SOAR peer leaders handle this event?


I think that they didn’t really know what to expect of it. I mean, we talked and practiced. But you can’t really know what you are really in the place of action, and when that actually happened, they came through.


How does being part of a group contribute to this sort of event?


It was very busy, so we needed the team. You can’t do it with just one or two students, you really need a devoted group of students to make this kind of thing happen. It was all done with their effort and hard work. It was really nice, how some students handed out bread and water, some  were waiters, some washed bowls.


How is the meal served symbolic to the event?


The meal is simple, and is reflective of being hungry and humble. You know, just soup and bread. It all comes to this understanding of how challenging it is for some families.


Evidently, Empty Bowls is one of MMS’s most successful events and tends to catch the eye of many students. By buying one bowl, you can help out families in need.