The Student-Faculty Volleyball Tournament

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The Student-Faculty Volleyball Tournament

Ritvik Bordia

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If you think that earthquakes are intense, then you have not seen the Student-Faculty Volleyball tournament! This year, for the first time ever, the students defeated the teachers for the first time ever.

The winners, Boogie Bombers, fought against the top teacher team and topped them in volleyball skills.

The Boogie Bombers annihilated their first opponents, the Tide Pods, with absolute synchronicity. Michael Policarpio, the main server, served the ball with an overhand serve and gained a total of ten points serving before his reign was overthrown. Owen Muhlon, an offensive star, hit shot after shot, using his basketball hops to spike the ball over the net with one hand, two hands, or shooting it from over his back. Chris Maldonado, younger brother of baseball star Nick Maldonado, used his height to save shots that his teammates could not reach, saving the Boogie Bombers from humiliating failure shots. Ben Rubin, the co-server, hit 4 points with his powerful overhead shot. Matt Riseman used his powerful set to hit the ball up for spikes, while Jacob Shur spiked, again and again, to add points to the Boogie Bombers amazing score record. With this synchrony, the Boogie Bombers destroyed the Tide Pods 22-8 and pushed passed Comma Saves Lives with a score of 18-11.

Meanwhile, the Yellow teacher team advanced, but with less confidence and less precision. They easily won the first match against the Orange teacher team, winning 27-13. The Orange team managed to score the first 3 points for the Yellow team was not at all in sync. However, due to Mr. Dziesko, after some diving saves, Yellow regained the lead.

After many rallies, Yellow had a large lead, and Orange, after making mistakes like hitting the ball into the net, carrying, and being unable to serve the ball, gave the game to Yellow. Next, when Yellow played Blue, they squeaked out the win, 15-13. 

Finally, the moment which everyone had been waiting for came to be: the finals, Boogie Bombers vs the faculty’s Yellow team.

Boogie Bombers easily won the first 4 points with a spike by Owen, two amazing serves by Michael Policarpio and a set in between two teachers by Matt Riseman. Matt Riseman then messed up the serve but got the point back by a spike deflected out by Yellow. An amazing spike by Maldonado then tied it, with another point gained for the Boogie Bombers. Yellow then gained the next two points because of errors on the part of the Boogie Bombers, but the Boogie Bombers easily get the point back by a spike by Jacob Shur.

Spikes by Stern and Maldonado, however, regained the lost points and regained the Boogie Bomber lead, with the Boogie Bombers in the lead by 5. However, Yellow quickly closed that gap by 3, making the lead only by two. With the clock ticking at one minute, the Yellow needed to regain the lead, but could not.

The Boogie Bombers spiked and set and bumped, not allowing the Yellow team to gain any more points and gained a lead of 7. Then the clock rung, and the match was over, the Boogie Bombers winning 18-7, and stamped their way into the record books, becoming the first student team to ever defeat the teachers in the Student-Faculty Volleyball Game!

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