PLOP Peer Leaders Are Having The Annual Candy-Grams Sale!

Anoushka Singh

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October is here and we all know what that means . . . Halloween! Everyone has something to look forward to this October 31st, whether its trick or treating with friends, attending a Halloween party, or even just hanging out at home. Millburn Middle School is celebrating in its own way, like we do every year: PLOP (Peer Leader Outreach Program) is organizing their annual Candy Grams Sale! For those of you who don’t know, the Candy Grams Sale is where you can arrange for candy to be sent to your friends, and the sweets will be delivered on Halloween morning. Just stop by the table in the main hallway on the second floor, and pick up as many as you want, since they only cost one dollar each!

The best part is, all the proceeds go to Heifer International, an organization that works with communities to “increase income, improve child nutrition, care for the Earth, and ultimately end world hunger and poverty.” Instead of donating food to families in need in impoverished countries, they provide animals to these people, and send representatives to help teach the local people on how to care for these animals.

This results in families being fed in the long term, and they may even have enough surplus to make some money selling their goods. By doing this, Heifer is eliminating world hunger and poverty, and by buying some candy for your friends, you can too.


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