PLOP Raises Funds For Hurricane Florence Victims

Anoushka Singh and Reyna Ahuja

By now we’ve all heard of the devastating Hurricane Florence that ravaged through the Carolinas. With each passing day, we see the death toll climb and are left to wonder when the areas afflicted will recover. Florence made landfall on September 14th, and the current death toll is 42. Hurricane Florence was the first hurricane of the season to hit the East Coast, and was ranked as a deadly Category Four Storm. The storm has left people and animals homeless, injured, and without electricity and water.

Fortunately, our PLOP Peer Leaders are here to help. PLOP, which stands for Peer Leader Outreach Program, is led by Ms. Kirk, who told us all about PLOP’s values. She explained, “Being an outreach group, it also includes any type of disasters or struggles that are aside from our regular fundraisers. People need help, and that’s what PLOP is all about.”

PLOP is ready to jump into action and they have a plan all laid out. They hosted a bake sale on Friday after school, supporting the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center is dedicated to the humane treatment and support of animals. During Hurricane Florence, many pets don’t have a safe environment to live in, due to flooding making many homes inhospitable. PLOP plans to donate money, as well as goods to St. Hubert’s, to try to help out these homeless pets. Hopefully, St. Hubert’s receives all the money they need in order to help out the animals affected by Hurricane Florence.

PLOP will also hold “coin wars” during auditorium time to raise additional money. Ms. Kirk also stated that she has been in contact with a school in New Hanover county, N.C., where the city of Wilmington is located, and was where the eye of Florence first made landfall.