Halloween Costume Drive At The Library


Anoushka Singh, Writer

Fall. The season of twirling leaves, cozy sweaters, and everyone’s favorite –Halloween! Unfortunately, not everyone loves the sweet holiday like we do. The minute a child doesn’t have a costume, all the magic of Halloween parties, trick or treating, and carnivals vanish. For these kids, Halloween costumes don’t make it onto the budget. Sadly, this is a reality for many kids in our own state, just a few minutes away. Isn’t it our responsibility to look out for our neighbors? Shouldn’t we be helping out our fellow New Jerseyans? Fortunately, someone is.

Mrs. Singh, a mom who lives in town, has been organizing a costume drive at the library for the past two years. Her story is, “I was looking for a place to donate Halloween costumes. Since Halloween costumes are expensive, it felt like a waste of money to not get more use out of it. After doing some Googling, I found Jersey Cares in Livingston.” You may ask, what do I do if I don’t have any costumes to donate? You can still donate treat bags, candy pails, unused Halloween makeup, masks, and more Halloween related goods! If you don’t have any of those at home either, Jersey Cares is looking for volunteers to help sort Halloween costumes they have received. Anyone can do their part and help underprivileged kids enjoy the holidays like we do. Mrs. Singh informed me that, “Sometimes we don’t realize there are kids who cannot afford to buy Halloween costumes, and with very little effort, we can make Halloween special for many kids.”

Jersey Cares, an organization where New Jersey citizens lend a hand to other New Jersey citizens, encompass nearly every issue in our state, from hunger, to assisting the elderly, and even promoting equality between men and women. Jersey Cares is asking for us to donate Halloween items to children in our very own state. It’s easy. Help out kids ages 0-14 have a fantastic Halloween this year by heading to the library and dropping off some gently used costumes.