A Helping Hand to Vietnam Veterans

A Helping Hand to Vietnam Veterans

Aamir Jamil and James Beacham


Thanks to the SAVe club of the high school, veterans from the Vietnam war will receive lightly-used clothing and toiletries from the SAVe Warriors Club project. The SAVe club, led by the president Kyle Jacobs (Junior), will collect for VVA (Vietnam Veteran’s of America).

According to Kyle, “The Club really wants to expand the goods drive collection on behalf of the Veterans beyond the High School to include all the schools in the District . . . our goal is to get the collection bins into the schools and retrieve them and have them ready for pick up by VVA before Veterans Day. We should have the bins into the middle school soon.

It is part of the SAVe Veterans Club mission to work as hard as possible to show the hero’s that protect our country that they are valued and supported. Tell your friends and family to help out these veterans who fought for our freedom. You can find the donation bins at the main entrance or in the library.

Each school has been given a different item to collect:

  • High school – Lightly used clothing (clothing, blankets or shoes!)
  • Middle school – lightly used clothing (clothing, blankets or shoes!)
  • Washington School – Mouth care (Mouthwash, tooth paste, tooth brush)
  • Deerfield – Shampoo
  • Hartshorn – Body wash
  • Wyoming – Brushes and combs/lotion
  • South Mountain – Socks
  • Glenwood – Books

Remember out of the kindness of your heart, to bring in lightly used clothes to the Middle School for the donations, Veteran’s Day is November 11th!