Induction Night

Madison McCoon and Anika Shankar

On Wednesday October 24 at 7pm in the MMS Auditorium, over 300 students were officially inducted into the peer leader program. The masters of ceremony were Jonah Dutch and Sara Solomon. Each Peer leader group had speakers explaining what that group does. For PEN, the speakers were Andrew Williams and Anoushka Singh. High school peer leaders will be on hand to read the peer leadership pledge to the middle schoolers, who will assert their stance to be individuals of good character, remain substance-free and live up to this year’s slogan, “We rise by lifting others.” Parents were encouraged to attend. The PTO provided refreshments in the Upper Gym after the ceremony. In our experience, first hand, we were surprisingly not as bored as we would have thought. As disrespectful as it sounds, kids our age have a difficult time sitting down for hours.