Book Review: Scythe

Iliana Weisberg, Author

Neal Shusterman created an action-packed dystopia with Scythe, the first book in the Arc of a Scythe trilogy.

The world is ruled by a benevolent AI (“The Thunderhead”) and humans are immortal. There is only one way to permanently die (“end”): to be killed (“gleaned”) by trained killers (“scythes”), who must do their job so that the Earth does not become overpopulated.

Citra and Rowan don’t want to be scythes, but as their mentor, Scythe Faraday, tells them, the only people who are fit for the job are those that don’t want it. Only one can receive the ring that will make them an official scythe.

Though Citra and Rowan promised they would not fall for each other, they quickly find it impossible to keep their word. And as their relationship gets more complicated, so does the situation. They find themselves separated just as they begin to fall in love. Rowan finds it harder and harder to hold onto his moral compass as Citra’s gets stronger. They both have to face hard truths about who they are and who the other is, and all the while the corruption in the Scythedom grows.

This was a great read. I went into it with expectations of mediocrity, especially having only recently read other great dystopias like the Divergent trilogy, but Scythe was above and beyond. I quickly became invested in the plot and characters, and the by the time the cliffhanger at the end came around, I was begging for just one more page.