P2P Peer Leaders Kick Off Red Ribbon Week


On October 5th, the P2P peer leaders and their advisor, Mrs. Arruda, trekked to the Bauer Center, as they do every year to make red ribbons with the “Friday Friends” senior citizens for Red Ribbon Week.

At MMS, Red Ribbon Week is October 22nd to October 26th this year, and the message is to make the right choices and stay drug free. The specific theme for this year’s Red Ribbon Week is, “Life is your Journey, travel Drug Free!”

According to Mrs. Arruda, this year’s trip was a great success, “Our peer leaders really enjoyed using this opportunity to get to know the senior citizens and work together to spread our message around to all of Millburn.”

If you would like to see more details regarding Red Ribbon Week, please check out http://redribbon.org.