PEN Switches Music For A Day

Anoushka Singh and Reyna Ahuja

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From Taylor Swift to Travis Scott, everyone has a favorite singer or artist. Even if you don’t listen to music often, there’s almost always that one song that interests you more than the rest. You know that song- its the one that gets your foot tapping, the one that causes a smile to break out onto your face.

So we decided to find out what other people were listening to in an attempt to find some new songs to listen to!

We asked the people in my peer leader group their top three favorite songs. Some were classics, like George Gershwin’s, “Rhapsody in Blue” or international music like K-Pop. Overall, the results were very diverse.

You can check out the full Spotify playlist here.

After we listened to the playlist, I asked some members of my group for some comments.

Some were not enthusiastic! Aamir said, “0/10 because it doesn’t apply to everyone in PEN, and not everyone has the same music taste.” Kevin said, “I rate this a 1/10 because Africa by Toto is in it, and all the other songs are 0/10.”  Mr. Chernoski lamented about the Toto choice and noted how this was a bad song even when he was young.

However Reyna said, “I was surprised to hear that nobody liked the same music as me.” Personally, I think it was a fun experience to listen to other people’s song choices. I even rediscovered some songs that I once loved!

To everyone reading this- I encourage you to try and listen to something new. Check out the playlist- maybe you’ll find something you love. Maybe it’s even Justin Bieber!