The Marvelous Middle School Squash Team

The Marvelous Middle School Squash Team

Aarohi Kuthari, Writer

You might be wondering, what is squash? Squash does not have anything to do with the vegetable. Rather, squash is a sport similar to racquetball and tennis that several people in our school play. Kids were able to create a recreation team for Millburn and participate in a tournament.

On January 25-27, Millburn participated in the 2019 U.S. Middle School Team Squash Championships at Yale University. A total of eighty-nine teams and more than six hundred players from different middle schools from the U.S. participated in this tournament. Most of the teams spent time practicing together to prepare for the tournament with a head coach.

Millburn had one team practice together before the tournament, but did not have a head coach. Each player on Millburn practiced separately but when it came time for the tournament, we were able to come together and perform as well as the teams that had several practices together and a head coach.

Millburn participated with a girls team and a boys team. Sarita , Aarohi, Melanie, Saachi, Chloe, and Blair were the girls team members. The boys team members were Brandon, Avinash, Rishabh, Holden, and Ajay.

The Millburn girls team was one of the 15 teams that participated in Division 1 (the top division of the three divisions) and participated for the first time in the Middle School National Championships this year. Millburn was the only public school to participate in the girls’ division. The Millburn girls team ended up getting third place, losing a close match-up by 2-3 in the Semi Finals against Connecticut’s Sacred Heart. The girls team won against several schools such as Pennsylvania’s BCWV School, Connecticut’s Greenwich Country Day School, and seven-time previous champions Greenwich Academy Gold from Connecticut.

The Millburn boys team was one of the 16 teams that participated in Division 1 (the top division of the four divisions). Overall, the Millburn Middle School Squash Team had a great performance at Yale, during the Middle School National Championships.

Millburn’s Girls Team with a professional squash player Nick Matthew!