Meet Some of MMS’s New Teachers

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Meet Some of MMS’s New Teachers

Anoushka Singh

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Mr. Leddy (left), and Mrs. Manley (right)

Each year, the dynamic at Millburn Middle School shifts slightly. Every year, Millburn’s teachers either retire and/ or new ones come in. We decided to interview three new sixth grade teachers: Mr. Leddy, Mrs. Manley, and Ms. DeLane to find out how they felt about our school. We also asked them if they could go back to September, what advice they would give themselves at the beginning of the year from their new experience.

When asked how she was liking Millburn so far, Mrs. DeLane, a science teacher, replied, “I’m in heaven every day.” She said it was a dream of hers to work at this school, since it was one of the best in the state. She knew without a doubt that her favorite part of the school was her class. She admitted, “I’m kind of biased, but I think science is the most fun subject to teach.”

After asking her for any advice she’d give her students, she said, “Hard work pays off.” She also gave herself some advice. At the beginning of the school year, she wishes, “I would tell myself to just take it one day at a time… as a new teacher, you have no lesson plans, absolutely none. It’s okay if you didn’t give the best lesson you could’ve, you have another chance the next day.” Thanks, Mrs. DeLane, for giving us advice that we could all use throughout the rest of our school years!

Next, we interviewed Mrs. Manley, a sixth grade math teacher. She used to teach eighth grade Algebra in Clifton, New Jersey, and she did so for seven years! When we asked what she thought of Millburn, she answered, “The kids in Millburn are very goal-oriented and they achieve academically and really want to do well. They have grit and a great work ethic. They really have their future in mind every single day.”

She continued to say that she wouldn’t want to change a single thing about this school. We also asked her what the biggest challenge in adjusting to Millburn Middle School was, and she responded, “It’s scary to leave a place where you are comfortable and to work in a completely new environment.” Her favorite part of the school is her coworkers, since she thinks they’re talented and amazing. We completely agree: the teachers at this school are fantastic!

Lastly, we interviewed Mr. Leddy, a sixth grade math teacher. Before working at this school, he taught at Glenwood for sixteen years! When asked about what he liked about our school, he replied, “I love the early start.” Pretty controversial, but it was interesting to hear that he enjoys the early start time.

He declared that his biggest challenge in adjusting to the school was, “getting used to the shorter amount of time to teach.” Since there is a whole hour to teach math in the Washington School, where he also taught, he wasn’t used to our schedule. Cutting down a class by twenty minutes can be a huge change for a teacher. However, Mr. Leddy was really excited to focus on just math instead of all subjects, as well. He also had some advice for his students: organization is key. We’re sure everyone would agree, especially for sixth graders. We really appreciated Mr. Leddy’s input on our school!

We learned some pretty amazing things from these new teachers. Mrs. DeLane’s advice on hard work applies to every student, whether they’re in sixth grade or not. Mrs. Manley’s opinion on our students was extremely insightful as well. Mr. Leddy’s “unpopular” opinion on the early start that our school has provided us with a fresh point of view we haven’t seen before. Thank you again to the fantastic teachers who let us interview them!