Dialogue Night Part II is Thursday March 14!

March 14th 7-8:30 pm


Zachary Turinsky

               Dialogue night is coming up on Thursday, March 14th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, and it will deal with important issues from both a student’s and a parent’s perspective in a unique format, the fishbowl.

               The fishbowl format is a way for both students and parents to understand the issues facing themselves and the school. First, the students will discuss a chosen prompt, with the parents watching and listening, and then the parents will discuss a question with the students listening in. CORE peer leaders will be there the entire time to monitor and direct the proccesss. This will happen in around a dozen rooms simultaneously, with the same question(s) being discussed. The goal for both students and parents is to reach a consensus on the issue during their discussion. Once a consensus is reached, it is posted online on Padlet.

                Because of this interesting format, both students and parents will be able to share their views across multiple rooms to share with the school. The issues they will discuss vary, with a focus on homework for many of the questions. Other notable topics are opinions on lunch, sleep, and quizzes, among others.

This discussion could also be meaningful to a committee that may form which may focus on changes in the school. The discussions in dialogue night could have a significant impact on the committee’s decisions and could ultimately change the school for the better.

From the MMS administration:

Students who attend must be accompanied by an adult, but they will participate in separate breakout rooms.

There is a limit to the number of participants we can accommodate, so registration might close prior to March 14th. Please tell your friends that if they are interested in participating, they should register as soon as possible.

Register Here: https://goo.gl/forms/BmqTLN358kCuLHRh2