Au Revoir, Monsieur Baum!


Anvika Hegde, Author

“I feel lucky to teach in Millburn”.

Écoutez, French students! This year is the last year that the 6th-grade French teacher, and coach of the Boy’s Fencing Team at MHS, Mr. Baum, will be teaching! About a month ago, I was lucky to get an interview with Mr. Baum, and being a previous student of his, it was nostalgic to set foot in this room that I had left two years prior. Nothing had really changed. Mr. Baum was still the humorous French teacher who made the language easy and fun for everyone to learn! The full interview is below:

How long have you been teaching for at MMS? 

Around 17 years.

Why do you like teaching (French)? 

I like working with kids, sharing information with kids and watching lightbulbs going off.

What do you think is the best unit in French? 

Personally, I think it’s the food unit because you’re putting what you’ve learned throughout the year and finally applying it. In my class, during the food unit, we practice our manners and how we would order different things.

What feedback would you give to your students? 

Maintain self-confidence, take your time, don’t be discouraged, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail!

What was your job before you came here? 

I was in the music business. I did international marketing for Sony Classical.

How long did it take you to speak French fluently? 

I would say about 3 years. During the 3rd year, I lived in France (I went abroad for my junior year) so I had help to improve my French.

How was your experience at MMS? 

Fantastic (*laughs*). I feel lucky to teach in Millburn.


Mr. Baum, it was a pleasure to have you teach at MMS, and we were lucky to have you here! Adieu!