Disney Plus What?

Disney Plus What?

Joseph Brodsky, Author

Disney’s streaming service is finally here. Disney Plus, the Walt Disney Company’s new video entertainment streaming service, competes with other streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It launched Tuesday, November 12th in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. After 24 hours, the streaming service surpassed over 10 million subscribers. It plans to launch in Australia and New Zealand on November 19 and in Western Europe on March 31st. Its prices come in as low as $70 ($5.83 a month) for a prepaid full year and $7 a month beating Netflix’s lowest price of a monthly $9. But it doesn’t stop there. Verizon made a deal with Disney, giving all customers of the Verizon cell service a free year of Disney Plus. However, with its launch, binge watchers need to know what they can binge and how. 

By the looks of it, subscribers will be able to watch all of Disney’s content, including entertainment from Lucasfilm, Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, Fox (to the limitations of its deal with Disney), and all the Disney originals you can watch. It is even planning to make spinoffs series for their top grossing movie franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. In fact, with its launch it came out with its brand new Star Wars spin off the Mandalorian. This shows will not operate like Netflix’s originals: they will have new episodes released weekly. Disney’s content will contain all of their family friendly movies and shows that go up to a rating of PG-13. They will have its more mature content on Hulu, which it purchased completely in May of 2019. However, there is no way Disney Plus can be perfect. 

Even though its content is stacked and can be streamed on almost any device, there are many technical issues the fans 

want to get fixed. Firstly, the connection can be kin

d of funky with users not being able to connect to the streaming service. Users 

will often log on to binge some of their

 favorite disney shows or movies and they will be hit with this image:

However, this isn’t the end of the problems. With Disney’s deal with Fox, the Simpsons are added to their new library, some problems came with the show:

With the shows being cropped, Simpson have their famous background jokes hidden to new fans.

In conclusion, Disney’s new competition to Netflix has many problems, as it is still in its nascent stage. Its shows aren’t cropped right, it has connection issues, and it has many bugs. However, it has a full library of Disney’s fans dreams at a low price. So itt looks like the Disney Plus streaming service has a bright future ahead once all the bugs are sorted out..