The BRAVE Peer Leaders: A New Peer Leader Group


Allen Wang

“What does BRAVE actually do?”

This question was asked many times during the Peer Leader Recruitment Fair last year. Being a new peer leader group, students, including me, were naturally curious about BRAVE. Even now, many are unclear as to what BRAVE does. To find out the answers to this question, I attended one of their meetings to get to know the group better.

BRAVE was created due to the wishes of both the school and their advisor, Mrs. Marron (who is also the sixth grade counselor). The primary intent of this group is to advance acceptance of others. They plan to improve the school environment, making it a healthier, more inclusive one.

The BRAVE peer leaders plan to hold an Inclusion Council (IC) three times per year —once per trimester. The Inclusion Councils will focus on various topics, including cultural diversity, human rights, social justice, overcoming discrimination/stereotypes, and racial issues in this school. They plan to recruit sixth and seventh graders to participate (four per grade). The enrollment deadline for the first IC is on the 27th of November (Wednesday). The exact date of the IC has not yet been determined, but it will likely be held after school.

Aside from these Inclusion Councils, the BRAVE peer leaders are still determining their goals and events for this year.