Hawaiian Pizza


Bridget Lomax and Mahima Kapur

As humans are inherently gluttonous, pizzas are inherently unhealthy. It was a match made in heaven. But is this always the case? Far away in the middle of the Pacific, there is a stretch of islands untouched by American ideals. That’s nice. But sitting just above America is our healthy, eccentric neighbor who revolutionized the pizza as we know it today. Canada. The land of the healthy-enough Hawaiian pizza.

On one fateful day in the Satellite Restaurant Ontario, Canada, Sam Panopoulos served pineapple on pizza for the first time. It was an immediate success! Named for the canned pineapple brand first used, Hawaiian Canned Pineapples, Hawaiian pizza started its journey to become the pizza the world now knows and loves.

As mentioned prior, Hawaiian pizza is a healthier alternative to other types of pizza, such as pepperoni. It abides by MyPlate’s rules: cheese is dairy, pineapple and tomato sauce is fruit, ham is protein, or bacon if you’re that person, the crust serves as the grains, and you can throw a little basil on there for your daily greens!

Now why is all of this important? It’s not like you can eat pizza everyday. Though it’s not suggested, you actually can. As long as you’re getting all of your vitamins, Hawaiian pizza still follows MyPlate. That means you could, in theory, only eat pizza. Of course there’ll be some negative effects, like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and more, but at least the effects are lessened by the somewhat-health of Hawaiian pizza.

The public did have some things to say on the topic. Here are a few comments we received on the topic: “Hawaiian pizza is a weird combo,” says a student, “but once you taste it you’re like this is the best thing ever.” Others argue that it is, “the dumbest thing ever.” Of course, people aren’t always this extreme. The impartial have something to say as well. “Hawaiian pizza, though not an item I’d willingly order at a restaurant, doesn’t deserve the burning hatred some people feel for it. To some it’s a beautiful balance of sweet and salty, and we should not impede their happiness.” In other words, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You may like Hawaiian pizza, you may not, but if you do here’s a recipe to DIY a pizza pie. https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/hawaiian-pizza-recipe