Garden Slugs Must Stop!

Bridget Lomax, Author

Slugs are pests in the garden. They eat seedlings and other organic materials, and some predatory slugs eat earthworms. Some species (predatory and plant-eating) include any type of Ariolimacidae or Philomycidae, Ariolimax columbianus, Arion rufus, Euglandina rosea, Limax maximus, and Selenochlamys ysbryda. Regardless of species, slugs as a whole are a nuisance. Luckily, there are several eco-friendly methods to rid a garden of slugs.

  1. Bran – Sprinkle fine bran around the garden which will cause slugs to swell and die.
  2. Citrus Rinds – Place at the base of affected plants and they will divert the slugs’ attention.
  3. Copper – Cut 2-inch pieces of copper wire and wrap it around the base of plants.
  4. Coffee Grounds / Eggshells – Scatter around garden.
  5. Diatomaceous Earth – Also known as Insect Dust, sprinkle it around the garden.
  6. Lava Rock – Place lava rock around the base of plants.
  7. Plants Avoided by Slugs – Basil, chicory, daffodils, endive, fennel, garlic, ginger, lemon balm, mint, parsley, pumpkins, red cabbage, rosemary, red-leaved plants in general, and sage are avoided by slugs.
  8. Seaweed – Scatter generous amounts atop soil and around plants.

Hopefully you find this list helpful at some point in the future! All items on this list are safe to pets and humans, don’t harm the condition of soil, and are effective (depending on execution). There are alternative methods that include pesticides, but this is a summary of the eco-friendly options.