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13 the Musical

March 11, 2020


Not many people are familiar with 13 the Musical Millburn Middle School’s show of the year. Being thirteen is something that most students can relate to especially in the sixth through eighth grades. For Evan Goldman (John Allyn), life is much worse than the average thirteen year-old’s. The show opens with Evan learning that he and his newly-divorced mother are moving from NYC to the so-called “lamest place in the world” of Appleton, Indiana. Unfortunately for Evan, the popular students quickly catch on to his need for acceptance and use the ignorant, impressionable new kid to their advantage. No amount of Dairy Queens or pet accessory stores will make up for the city, but Evan’s friends just might. Will his misguided actions ruin the only good things going for him, or is he destined to “be a geek” for the rest of his existence? You could just read the synopsis, or you could come see our show. Fun fact; 13 the Musical is currently being adapted for film and will be released to Netflix sometime soon. 


Sounds interesting? Here’s what the cast and crew has to say about the production:


Q: Why did you decide to do the play?

A: I really enjoy singing and acting, and every year I make new friends. (Skaila S.)

A: To make new friends and fun connections. (Maddy B.)


Q: How do you manage your schoolwork with the increasing number of rehearsals?

A: I try to take advantage of in-between [time] to go sit and grab my stuff and […] get as much work [done] as possible when I’m not needed. (Aviva W.)


Q: What is your favorite song to perform in the show?

A: “Any Minute” is my favorite. I like the vocals, and it’s a fun song to do. (Abby P.)

A: “Brand New You” because it has a really upbeat tempo. (John A.)


Q: What is the best part about being in the play?

A: The friends and family who get together. (Camilla H.)

A: Being able to hangout with friends from other grades. (Kendal W.)


Q: What is the best reason people should come see the play?

A: There’re a lot, but we’ve put a lot of work into it, it’s fun, [and] it’s good. (Ben S.)

A: It’s very funny and people should see the hard work we put in. (Zeyd K.)


Q: How has the experience been so far?

A: It’s good; I made friends, and I [have] enjoyed it a lot this year. (Ben L.)

A: It’s been great; I’ve met many new friends and learned a lot. (Itamar K.)

As a cast member myself, I can attest to all of these comments; it’s a great show! Please come and support the school. Ticket sales open to the public on Friday, March 6 at They go for $15 each, and performances run from March 27th through the 29th.