Bridget Lomax, Author

Millburn High School’s annual spring musical Footloose was a brilliant performance by cast and crew. Based on the 1984 classic, Footloose features songs such as, “Somebody’s Eyes,”  “Holding out for a Hero,” and “Mama Says (You Can’t Back Down).” The story follows Ren McCormack (Spencer Quartin, Junior) and his move from the big city of Chicago to smalltown Bomont, Utah. There he instantly causes trouble and befriends Willard Hewit (Jack Ebner, Sophomore) who helps him around the town. Ren even meets Ariel Moore (Tahlia Bernstein, Sophomore), the preacher’s daughter, and all seems to be going well until he finds one glaring problem with the town; dancing is illegal. When questioning the teens, Ren learns that Reverend Shaw Moore (Daniel Dantowitz, Senior) is the cause of this law. He has the town wrapped around his finger and made the law to remember and grieve his late son. Eventually, Ren manages to overturn the law, and he throws a huge dance party where the Reverend and his wife, Vi (Bailey Edelmen, Sophomore) join in the festivities. 


All in all, I loved this musical; the staging was great, the singing was phenomenal, and the band did a fantastic job as well. Being originally unfamiliar with the plot of Footloose, I was afraid at first, but MHS gets a standing ovation from me. Since it’s past the last showing, I suggest watching the movie; if it’s anything like the musical, it’s well worth your time. If not, at least check out the soundtrack. There are some names current sixth through eighth graders may be familiar with from MMS shows of the past; Bailey Edelemen, Jared Kirschenbaum, and Jack Ebner starred in Shrek the Musical as Gingy, Lord Farquaad, and Shrek respectively. Dylan Levison, Drew Margolis, Tamir Stein and Jesse Anderson were featured in last year’s production of The Addams Family as Uncle Fester, Lucas Beineke, Gomez Addams, and Lurch. Many others have been on the MMS stage, and those unmentioned did a fabulous job as well.

Even if the High School show is over, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more great opportunities. If you haven’t already read my article on 13 the Musical, the Middle School show of 2020, here’s the link. 13 the Musical. Please come and support the school! Ticket sales open to the public on Friday, March 6 at They go for $15 each, and performances run from March 27th through the 29th.