Things to do during quarantine

Vedanta Mishra

Hey people, I’m Vedanta Mishra and, like many of you, I am bored during this time of quarantine.  So how will this article help? Well, I’m just going to list a bunch of weird, satisfying and fun things to do that can help out for a while. Just saying you don’t have to do any of these if you don’t want to. Come up with something else you can do.


  1. Get a mic and see how many different sounds you can make with it. (DO NOT POST)
  2. Find an online game or a downloadable game. (I suggest Pokemon Insurgence traditional mode [Not dark mode. Don’t do dark mode])
  3. Start an online crusade or story or something like that with your friends. 
  4. Try to learn how to solve the rubik’s cube (lvl 100 satisfaction)
  5. Color stuff in. Literally coloring stuff helps with boredom. (
  6. Talk to the parental units about their childhood.
  7. Join competitions where you can win money.
  8. Think of ways you can create stuff that may be helpful to humanity and jot it down in a notebook
  9. Make a random gimkit or kahoot and do it with your friends and/or classmates
  10. Go create memes and online art and jokes
  11. Binge watch TV
  12. Switch up your music choices (Intro music to movies and shows are really good)
  13. Take a nap
  14. Lip Sync or sing(Nobody cares if you sing badly if your at home)
  15. Cook something
  16. Go to this link to see how to have some fun.
  17. Try doing your work in a funny way such as making it seem like different empires warring but it’s still statistically true. 
  18. Talk to old teachers and see how they are. 
  19. Watch straight up tea.
  20. Build a pillow fort
  21. Read books online with amazon 
  22. Plan out what you’re going to do when quarantine ends
  23. If you own minecraft (or a lot of other games), play it modded
  24. Hide something from a sibling and send them on a scavenger hunt for it
  25. Spin on a chair. 
  26. Break something (you’re allowed to break) and rebuild it. 


Hope this helps!!!