What Is Millburn Doing To Help?

What Is Millburn Doing To Help?

Quincy Dawson

In November of 2019, a deadly enemy started to attack. It spread across the world, infecting hundreds of thousands. It shut down schools, closed small business, isolated everyone, and took many innocent lives. On December 31st, the World Health Organization, aka the WHO,  identified a ‘strange’ pneumonia case. The ‘strange’ pneumonia case: COVID-19. 


This pandemic has taken over our lives, whether it’s just social distancing, or something more serious, such as being infected. But it’s not just us who are being affected. Hospitals around the globe are overwhelmed and many do not have the equipment they need. This leads to a big question: What is Millburn doing to help? Using current tools and technology, Millburn is helping fight the virus by aiding in the production and distribution of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to first responders in this time of crisis. 


Millburn is aiding our healthcare heroes by using the tools and supplies at its disposal to make PPE. The Millburn Township Public Schools Board of Education, The Millburn Education Foundation, Millburn High School, Millburn Middle School, and current Millburn students and graduates are all helping to fill the gap in PPE production. Teachers are helping by using the laser-cutter and 3D printers at the Middle and High School to create clear plastic face shields. After substantial research, the Millburn Technology group decided to go with the PRUSA US-Mask, which was created by Prusa Research in March 2020,  as a face shield to help doctors and nurses on the frontlines. These face shields are intended for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are putting their lives on the line to save ours. After the design went through many rigorous tests and iterations, a viable print was created.The team consulted with professionals and techs to modify settings, change the print bed to fit the print, and efficiently use the PLA filament. 


Additional 3-D Printers have been provided by the Millburn Education Foundation to help our technology team as well as other essential products: plastic bags for distribution, elastic for headbands, and PETG filament to keep production going smoothly. Past and present Millburn High School students are helping to provide for our medical heroes by printing these facemasks from their home and organizing the distribution of materials.


Millburn is doing a great job in helping out our courageous doctors and nurses. Currently, our group has distributed over 100 face shields to hospitals and first aid squads around the Millburn / Short Hills community.  These will be used by local hospitals so that our healthcare professionals can rest a little easier, knowing they are getting the protection they need.