A Frontline Hero During COVID-19: Yolanda Fisher


Ava Glicksberg


Yolanda Fisher is a cafeteria worker at T.W. Browne Middle school in the Dallas public school system. Yolanda has worked in the cafeteria everyday to provide her children meals and she has not stopped since the school has closed due to COVID-19! She joins two other workers in the cafeteria four days a week to begin preparing meals for her students. She and her co-workers pack and distribute 600 meals to their students everyday. She also gives meals to any child in Dallas who is hungry and in need. Yolanda and her co-workers have packed over 1 million meals and distributed them. 

Yolanda understands that the amount of children who rely on school for their meals is vast. According to feedamerica.org, one in five children in Texas struggle with hunger. This means that they are all eligible for free or reduced price meals from schools. These children rely on the meals because their parents or guardians cannot afford them. Yolanda and her co-workers are making such a large impact on the people in their community by providing them with essentials. 

Yolanda’s bravery comes with a concern; her family. She worries about her granddaughter who is four years old. She says she is letting her granddaughter take her temperature everyday after work to make her feel better.  But Yolanda has been doing everything possible to stay safe including wearing gloves that were handmade. She knows that the benefit is worth the risk because she is saving so many children from starvation. She continues her bravery when she says, “I don’t want any child to go hungry while schools are closed”.