Some thoughts on RESPECT


Arushi Arora and Anshrutha Shrinivas

There are two definitions of respect we found online. For our purposes, we’ll use the second one. The second is due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others. So, what are you, as a person, supposed to take away from this? What gives us the right to tell you what to take away from this? Nothing gives us the right to tell you. And we won’t. We’ll tell you what it means to us.

For our purposes, and just for the sake of this piece, let’s talk about the second definition. An important part of the definition is “due regard,” which means that it’s earned — that you earned the regard for your feelings and your wishes, rights, and traditions by being a respectful person to others. Another way it can be taken is that due regard to one’s feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions is a universal right that everyone is entitled to.

So, why are we telling you this? Why are we analyzing a definition that we found on It’s the week of respect. While all of us should always try to maintain a certain level of respect and tact for everyone around us, we’re human beings and we may forget to do that. This week is all about recognizing that being respectful and having an open mind to others’ points of view is important, and while you may already know that, it’s still important that we be reminded of that every once in a while.

Humans aren’t perfect, so it’s not the end of the world if you’re not respectful once in a while. But you already knew that. What’s the point of this article, you ask? It’s just to remind you that it’s important to be respectful, and reading about it may just help you remember it a bit more.

Thanks for reading this and be respectful!