COVID and the state of vaccines


Ziv Shah

We’ve been in a pandemic since March. Covid has taken over our lives and nothing has been the same. Going to the movies seems like a distant memory. The big question is when will we be out of it? Vaccines are being developed faster than ever and it looks like we might not have to wait as long as previous viruses for vaccines.

The reason for this is Operation WarpSpeed. This operation is trying to deliver 300 doses of safe and effective vaccines. The goal is to deliver vaccines quicker, and most hope to have a vaccine by January of 2021. The reason this works better is because the government is building a system to distribute vaccines before we have one. Health officials and scientists have been critical of the government’s response to Covid, but they have praised the effort to have a vaccine. Robert Wachter – the chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of San Francisco who has criticized the government’s response — calls the vaccine effort “nearly flawless.”

As for the vaccines themselves, they are still in development. In the near future, studies from the trials of vaccines will be released to the public. The big companies manufacturing vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna will be releasing results. Those results will determine how quickly the vaccines will be available to the public.

With all the information, how do you know who to trust? Don’t worry; the Penpoint is here to help! As soon as the information is released, we will release an article about what is actually happening and what you need to know!