2020 NBA Finals: A season to remember


Arya Gandhi and Zain Jaffar

This playoff season was one to be remembered throughout history, as nothing like this has ever come before. Many teams that had a playoff run had young talent that grew and got experience from this year like the Heat, Celtics, and Nuggets. But in the end, the team with the most experience won the ring. People seem to discredit this championship for Lebron James as it was ‘not fair’ because of the current events around the world, but it was just as intense, maybe even more than any other playoff.

 “You have to accept failure to get better,” said the legendary Lebron James. However, when it comes to NBA Finals MVP awards, Lebron doesn’t seem to fail much. This unconventional, yet truly memorable season came to a symbolic end as the Lakers won their 17th NBA championship, with the help of incredible players such as Anthony Davis and Lebron James. This was especially significant for the Lakers as Kobe Bryant, an important Lakers idol,  recently died in a fatal helicopter crash. 

This was a close series in terms of statistics of each team and individual players. People like Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, and Lebron James were monsters and completely dominated the series. But then you have your solid role players that definitely helped the team but did not make as great of an impact as the stars did. For example, you have Tyler Herro—who, for a rookie, did exceptionally well. Kentavious Caldwell Pope was also performing pretty well and was a solid player. All in all, the teamwork of the Lakers caused them to win, whereas Jimmy Butler’s back was hurting from carrying an organization all by himself to the finals. Because of the major injuries of Goran Dragic, the Heat was left without a key player, which made Butler’s job even harder.  

After an exhilarating turn of events, the Lakers have emerged victorious. This was a memorable season as basketball viewers and players alike were forced to adjust to the unusual conditions due to the Coronavirus, along with the untimely death of the legendary Kobe Bryant. This championship was the Lakers’ 17th championship victory, which has brought them to a tie with the Celtics’ number of championship victories. In conclusion, after a thrilling and unusual season of basketball, we can all look forward to a hopefully normal future, where we can see the NBA in person again.