100 Days of Seclusion: Your guide to a better quarantine


Holden Bergam and Matthew Herbert

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things: the presidential debates, record-breaking natural disasters, and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic. However, not everything about this historic year has to be negative, and instead we can try to make the best of quarantine. And so, here’s a few ways to make 2020 just a little more bearable.

Despite the many hurdles the current Covid-19 crisis has presented, we can still use this time to grow our relationships with fellow peers. Technology gives us a great way to meet online, and although it won’t be quite the same as before, we can still spend quality time together. If meeting over technology isn’t an option, students can still find ways to meet in person. Taylor Park, located at the heart of downtown Millburn, is a great place to hold a socially distanced get-together. Just make sure that each attendee wears a mask, stays 6 feet apart, and follows the proper precautions. The past six months of quarantine will certainly provide lots of fun stories to share!

Let’s face it — staring at a wall in your room is not the best way to spend time during quarantine. Outside of your bedroom, your whole family is making the best out of this tedious seclusion, and doing the same will be beneficial. By scheduling events  like game night or movie night, you will eliminate the utter boredom of the next few months. 

With so much stress and worry stemming from the whirlwind of current events, students at MMS could benefit from a little time each day to relax. One common way to decompress is through reading. The positive impact of reading books is also backed by science, with a university study finding that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. If you do not know which books to start with, here are some of my recommendations: Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys takes the reader on an amazing journey, and it is definitely recommended to anyone who is interested in historical fiction. No matter which book you decide to dive into, reading is a great way to stay sane during these trying times.

One seventh-grade social studies teacher explained to students that starting a journal to jot down all of the bizarre things that happen during the pandemic can benefit you or future generations when we look back at what happened during this widespread. In addition, a journal can be helpful if you want to jot down self care tips, or make a study method.  When the journal is full, and the pandemic is over, read it as a farewell to all of the outlandish events that happened in 2020!

Although quarantining might feel like being trapped at home, we can use the extra time to make a positive difference in the world around us. One great example of this is organizing fundraisers and charitable events. This can be as simple as donating protective masks to our local hospitals. No matter how you decide to contribute, making a difference in your community fosters the sense of togetherness that we all need right now. 

Baking is one of the countless new hobbies you can incorporate into your daily life! It is a great hobby to try out during quarantine. Additionally, there are countless foods that you can bake! Examples include cookies, and brownies. However,  remember to learn how to bake more healthy foods as well. AllRecipes is a website where you can find thousands of cool recipes. Happy baking!

As you can see, quarantine can be utilized for the benefit of us all. Consider trying out all of the fun activities mentioned above. Stay safe!