Celebrating on October 12


Grant Zhou

Even though it has passed, Columbus Day was a half day for school on October 12. It is a U.S. holiday to commemorate Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas in 1492. Yet this year, people are starting to question if Columbus Day should be celebrated.

Columbus Day was first celebrated in 1792 to commemorate the 300 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s landing. It became an annual celebration with parades and ceremonies in his honor. In 1937, it became a national holiday in America. 

Christopher Columbus Day is not the only holiday celebrated on October 12th. Every year, Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated. Also, along with Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated on October 12th in various cities and states around the country. 

This year, people are starting to question if we should celebrate Christopher Columbus day. With the Black Lives Matter movement, people are starting to take action about racial injustice. Since Christopher Columbus’s arrival to America led to the deaths of millions of indigenous people, statues of Columbus were taken down in places like New Haven, Connecticut, with a total of 33 statues taken down nationwide. 

Even though there are arguments on both sides for whether or not Columbus Day should exist, it is still a holiday to celebrate his landing to North America and to celebrate the culture of the indigenous people. So, when the holiday arrives next year, celebrate your half day or full day off from school, but remember the culture of the Native Americans and the landing of Christopher Columbus.