The MMS History Bowl Team

The MMS History Bowl Team

Holden Bergam and Zain Jaffar

The MMS History Bowl Team

By Zain Jaffar and Holden Bergam


Our school’s History Bowl teams are two teams of 4-5 students. These teams compete in the National History Bowl, a team quiz competition about world history. Our school has competed in the National History Bowl before, and our students have also competed in the National History Bee; an associated competition. Due to the Coronavirus, the National History Bowl has had to adjust its format, and MMS’s History Bowl team has been competing online ever since. Last year, our history bowl team which consisted of Siddharth Singhal and Zain Jaffar won second in state. The previous year, our school’s history bowl team placed in the top 30 at the national competition in Washington DC. 


This year’s team consists of, for MMS A, Zain Jaffar, Holden Bergam, Aviva Winick, and Patrick Birnbaum. On October 31, the MMS A team took home massive victories from schools like CLES and Berly Manor Middle School. On November 7th, the team defeated teams from the same schools. After being defeated in the state octofinals, the team plans to prepare and study even harder for the Winter League, which is beginning in January. If the team manages to win at least half of their total preliminary matches in the winter and spring league, they will advance to the national tournament, which will be held at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. 


Earlier this month, we interviewed a member of the MMS A team; Aviva Winick, and a former member of the MMS A team; Zachary Turinsky. We questioned them about their experience on the team.


Holden: How long have you been on the team?

Aviva: I have been on the team since October.

Zachary: I have been on the team for more than two years, since 2018. 


Holden: Do you get along with competitors and teammates?

Aviva: All of our teammates get along very well, but I wish I could say that our competitors treated us with the same respect. 

Zachary: Yes, it is a fun and welcoming environment. 


Holden: How often do you practice for the history bowl?

Aviva: We practice daily, or we try to. We do practice all together for 30-60 minutes, and it’s a lot of fun.

Zachary: The high school team practices about once a week and the middle school team practices more often. 


Holden: Are competitions exciting?

Aviva: Competitions are always a toss-up for us. We either win by a long shot, or our scores are quite close to the other team’s. Before and after matches, we like to go nuts in our group chat.

Zachary: The competitions are exhilarating. 


Holden: How do you communicate with your team members?

Aviva: We communicate through our discord server, and sometimes through iMessage. We obviously don’t talk during a competition, but it’s great for us to have a platform to chat through.

Zachary: We mainly communicate through Discord. 


Holden: Any other comments?

Zachary: Everyone is welcome to join. There is no prior knowledge of history required. 


With the majority of the team graduating to high school last spring, lots of support is needed for returning and new members. Additionally, our entire MMS A team will be graduating to high school next year, which is why we are looking for current sixth and seventh graders to fill in empty spots on the team. Unfortunately, the deadline to sign up for the 2020-2021 school year has passed. There are no requirements to join next year. Please consider joining us, and thanks for reading our article.