What’s Up, Peer Leaders? SOAR Projects Bring Hope to MMS

What’s Up, Peer Leaders? SOAR Projects Bring Hope to MMS

Matthew Herbert

The SOAR Peer Leaders have been hard at work helping our community through these hard times with art related projects and activities. The art program is an important and unique part of the MMS community, so to learn more about the group, I dropped into one of the weekly SOAR google meets to listen in and ask some questions. 

While the current Covid pandemic has certainly affected us all, the SOAR peer leader group has been using their artistic abilities to, as peer leader Gabrielle Allen put it, “inspire people, influence people, and spread positive vibes” during this challenging year. One example of this is their recently released postcard project. The club’s participants each designed a postcard illustrating life during quarantine. For example, the postcard shown above was created by SOAR Peer Leader Luke Chua. On top of the colorful and meaningful drawings, the postcards also include emotional and heartfelt messages. Anyone interested can view the postcards here. The writing really compliments the art, resulting in an engaging view into life during Covid. Furthermore, the student community at MMS is invited to create their own postcards. While the project is completely up to the participant’s interpretation, some ideas to get started include addressing a postcard to a health care worker, planet earth, human society as a whole, past you, or future you. Use this project as a way to get your creative juices flowing and reflect back on 2020.

The postcard project also extended to other members of the Millburn community. SOAR peer leaders painted and decorated hand made postcards for Millburn seniors. The backs of those postcards are left blank for the seniors to write back home to family and friends. The group has also collaborated with a Millburn High School group that looks after our community’s seniors, and together they delivered over 40 bags of holiday goodies and artistic pieces. 

Looking forward into 2021, the SOAR Peer Leaders are planning even more impressive projects. This includes designing Millburn logos and merchandise related to school spirit, which could be sold to students in our community. This peer leader group has certainly helped out in our community despite many new challenges they have faced, a prime example of Millburn’s resilience and creativity.