Concert Recordings!


Ziv Shah

This year, the Band, Strings and Chorus departments could not meet in person, and had to transfer to fully online. This was hard as students did not get to play in an orchestra together and because of the lag on google meet, the Orchestra could not have a virtual concert. However, the teachers wanted the students to be able to show their progress and created a video made out of recordings from students. The process was very time consuming and required much effort, according to the teachers.

To put the videos together, they used GarageBand and Final Cut Pro.  The teachers downloaded the Flipgrid videos and then separated the audio and video from each student’s video. GarageBand was used to sync up each student’s audio file. One by one, the teachers added each audio file and attempted to line the music up so it sounds in time and together. Then, once the audio process was finished, the teachers extracted the final audio mix and input it into Final Cut Pro. This program allowed them to match up all of the video files together.  As before, each video is added and synced up to the final audio mix. However, each video needs to be resized and arranged so every student can appear on the screen at the same time.

PEN was able to interview Mr. Fleming, director of Band and Jazz Band.

Q: What do you believe were the easiest parts of putting the videos together?

A:  The entire process is very difficult.  However, the easiest part is separating the audio and video files from each student’s video.

Q: What were the hardest parts?

A: Syncing up the audio is, by far, the most difficult part.

Q:  Overall, how was the experience?

A: It is very time consuming, but fun!  It’s a challenging process, but it’s nice to have an end result that recreates a concert experience for the students.

Q: If you had to go back and change one thing about the way you put together the videos, what would it be?

 It would be nice to have a larger computer screen!  Arranging almost 50 videos on one screen is very challenging!


The Jazz Band Video Will be Available from January 22 – January 29, and you must use your millburn account to watch the video. Here is the Link: Enjoy!