Peer Leaders Teen Spotlight


Anshrutha Shrinivas and Arav Wahi

The MASH Peer Leaders have started a campaign highlighting MMS students spreading kindness in our communities. Every Friday, while watching the morning announcements, there is a new winner selected for the Teen Spotlight. 

They are selected due to nominations given, on the morning announcements sent to your email everyday, there’s a slide with a Google form attached. You can use this form to nominate someone (or yourself) that you think is an exceptional member of the community, and they may be featured on the morning announcements. Be sure to be on the lookout for peers spreading kindness throughout our community, so you can nominate them! 

The former winners have been:

  1. Obenewaa Frimpomaa 
  2. Mrs. Sauter  
  3. Vivian Palomo


Nomination form