Millburn Middle School Return to Full Day Instruction Plan


Arav Wahi

For over 1 year now, all students in the Millburn Township Public School District have not attended full day instruction in their school due to Covid-19. Since then, many students have been attending online classes for some part of the day regardless if they are in the current hybrid model. However, the long wait has ended, as Dr. Burton announced the district’s plan to return to full day instruction starting May 3. This is very big news as, since mid March of 2020, we have not been able to experience full day instruction. Now students can finally attend an as close to normal as possible school day for students to prepare the schools for potential requirements come September, when the 2021-2022 session comes. It will be even more important to the students to gear up and prepare for the potential environment they will experience when they return to school in September. 


Due to the changes, there will no longer be Blue and White days and now Cohorts will not be in AABB form, but ABAB form. The bell schedule will also change: each period (except for lunch) will be extended to 43 minutes while lunch is condensed to 35 minutes. In addition to a change in periods, the social distancing requirements will be changed to a minimum of 3 feet of distance between students. They will also now be required to wear face shields as well as their face coverings during school. (The district will supply 1 face shield to each student to adjust to the new requirements.) 


For the 36 days this new schedule will be instituted, there will be adjustments to lunch in school, as the cafeteria is under renovations. All students will eat food in 3 tents outside the school for grades 6-8 eating simultaneously. There will not be food provided to the students so they are recommended to bring brown bag lunches to accommodate for the changes. Furthermore, to enforce social distancing there will be no tables to serve lunch so students are asked to bring simple lunches that can be eaten on their laps. Students are requested to bring their lunches to school when they enter as the school is trying to limit visitors. Obviously if there is a case where students forget their lunch their parents/guardian will be permitted to give the lunch, but it is requested that these situations happen as little as possible. Parents are requested to fill out the Return to Full Day Instruction/In-Person Learning Form by April 5. 

If any parent(s) want to drop out of the Hybrid Model, they may do so by emailing Mrs. Ward at [email protected]. This is the plan for the Millburn District as of now, and more information will come sooner to the return date. Below are photos of the bell schedule for the new full day instruction as well as the schedule from May 3, 2021 to June 23, 2021.