Career Day 2021: Matching Interests with Careers


Holden Bergam

This year, the annual Millburn Middle School Career Day will take place on Friday, April 30th. This coming Friday will give students an opportunity to explore various careers through lessons, interviews, and presentations! 

Being a full day event, eighth-grade students will not need to check in with their teachers for attendance or daily lessons. In place of morning classes, students will attend four sessions: a Career Day introduction, a career game, a lesson on career values, and a career exploration lesson. The sessions will be divided based on teams. To find your schedule, as well as the google meet links to your morning lessons, please visit the Class of 2025 Guidance google classroom. After a one hour lunch break, students will have a selection of google meets in which groups of CORE-8 peer leaders will be interviewing guests from various careers.

Career Day this year is based on one’s own “colors”, or the three general categories of traits that one may value the most. These categories include Builders (yellow), Orange (thinkers), Red (helpers), purple (leaders), blue (organizers), and green (creators). Each of the presenters during the afternoon session will have their own three colors based on their career path. The colors will also be referenced during the morning lessons. 

Please note that students attending in-person school will follow their usual classroom schedule, and will attend virtual meetings through their chromebook. Make sure to bring headphones!