Two Students at MMS are Leading the Fight for a World Without Cancer.

Two Students at MMS are Leading the Fight for a World Without Cancer.

Holden Bergam

Aarush Dwivedi and Aviva Winick, two eighth graders at MMS, are involved in an internship for the American Cancer Society, known as Students Conquering Cancer. 


The American Cancer Society is a one-hundred-and-eight-year-old organization founded in New York City. The founders began the society to educate the public about cancer, and to conduct research about this barely-understood disease. Today, people nationwide raise money for this organization to research cancer to the point where it is widely understood. 


Students Conquering Cancer, the internship that Aviva and Aarush participate in, consists of twenty-six groups of students nationwide, ranging from one to thirteen people per group. Some teams have raised over one thousand dollars. However, the sole mindset of each team is not reaching the top of the leaderboard; it’s raising money for an organization that’s leading the fight to understand cancer. 

To assist their team’s fundraiser, Aviva and Aarush, as well as other peer leader volunteers, will be holding a virtual game night on June 17th. Please note that the entrance fee is ten dollars (or more, depending on how much you wish to contribute), which you can donate at this site ( to gain entrance into the game night. If you are a peer leader and would like to help Aviva and Aarush plan this event, you can sign up using this link: Peer leaders who sign up will not need to pay to gain access to the event, as they will help facilitate it.