Building community: Chalk it up to the Peer Leaders!


Emma Marx

As I opened the doors of the main entrance of MMS my eyes were full of color! On September 29th, DECO, WELL, and SOAR joined forces to create chalk masterpieces. The members of these Peer Leader groups collaborated with each other to create exquisite pieces of work! One of the members of DECO, Diya, said, “I joined for DECO community service, it’s a way to help out by using my creativity.”

All members were allowed to set their imaginations free, through the power of chalk! Ann, another DECO Peer Leader, said, “We get to create stuff for the school, and that’s just an amazing feeling.” This was definitely proven through the artwork that the whole school got to enjoy and look at when they needed something to brighten their day! 

Mrs. Reilly, who is the head of DECO, Mrs. Sohr, who is the head of SOAR, and Mrs. Guiney, who is the head WELL, made it fun for the whole school as well as the Peer Leaders! I myself was amazed at the work that was being done! The chalk brought the school together, as well as the Peer Leaders!