Week of Respect


Aadit Shrivastava

As one of the many participating schools in the Week of Respect, the Millburn Middle School encourages students to recognize moral integrity and considerately towards other people. This year’s theme is respect in action.  This means that “Learners are challenged to enhance respect in their personal relationships as well as to define actions they can take to enhance respect in their school and community”, as said in the MMS Morning Announcements.

There are many ways that students can participate and show their support. One of the very simple ways was following the clothing themes for each day during the week. For example, on Tuesday the theme was “Hats off to Bullying Day” in which the prompt was to wear a hat. There were also activities such as the Chalk it up Contest and Respect & Kindness Fortune Teller. The CORE 8 Peer Leaders also spoke in the morning announcements each day that week, talking about ideas related to the theme of respect in action.

The following week, there was also an assembly for 8th graders that pertained to the Week of Respect. The guest speaker was a clinical psychologist whose name was Dr. Mikey Fowlin. He spoke about topics such as appreciating individuality and discovering oneself. Many of the students enjoyed the presentation he gave. One of the students named Audrey said, “I immediately clapped when he finished the talk.”

This year’s Week of Respect has had many ways to take part in encouraging kindness in the Millburn Middle School community and even the whole district. Everyone was conscious of contributing to fostering a safe, considerate environment.