Is the White House haunted?


Tyler Suwankosai

Halloween is right around the corner, and in honor of this great event, let’s talk about a frightening tale of the haunted halls of the White House which has scared and spooked generations of presidents. Let’s begin. Late one night, in 1946, 33rd president Harry Truman woke up to a knocking on his bedroom door. He says, “I jumped up and put on my bathrobe, opened my door, and no one was there” (The Washington Post). Who was this ghastly figure, running around the hallway and lurking outside of bedrooms, in the one and only White House? No one knows. Another story, involves the 40th president, Ronald Reagan, who’s dog would continually barked frantically at President Lincoln’s old bedroom. Others, including Reagan’s children and Winston Churchill (minister for Britain and visiting the White House) also have reported sightings of a dead, apparition of Lincoln, floating around his room. The mysteries continue…

Jared Broach, founder of the Nightly Spirits, offered haunted tours of certain places, located around the U.S. One, which included the White House. He would say that Lincoln’s ghost would frequent these halls, and declare if this wasn’t true, “he would be calling several presidents liars”. Other stories of these ghosts encompass several people who used to have worked at the White House. Jeremiah Smith, working under the Grant administration, Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of George W. Bush, and David Burnes are a few of the voices heard while wandering around the building. 

No one knows what to say about these mysterious occurrences. Are the leaders of our country and their acquaintances lying. They’re possibly playing a fun game passed on through the generations of presidents. Or is it really a ghost, a scary being roaming the White House, a horrific fantasy come to life. Let’s just hope it’s not the latter…