Working together during Hurricane Ida’s devastation


Ishaan Bharadwaj

Hurricane Ida was one of the most destructive and deadly Atlantic hurricanes. It was a Category 4 hurricane that was the second most damaging towards Louisiana, the previous being Hurricane Katrina. As we have seen, Ida also affected the tri-state area. In EWR International Airport in Newark, around 3 inches of water pooled inside. In Queens, NY, the U.S. Open was delayed due to rain coming in the roofed stadium. In New Jersey, 23 confirmed deaths were made, and Governor Phil Murphy stated that “the majority of these deaths were individuals who got caught in their vehicles by flooding and were taken by the water.” Southern New Jersey experienced damage from tornadoes as well as heavy flooding. 

Specifically to Millburn, stores in the downtown area were severely damaged. Stores like Basilico, Thai House, and others suffered mud piles and basements flooded. After the devastation, people reacted and started helping. Teenagers and adults residing in Millburn went to volunteer to remove mud and garbage inside stores. GoFund me pages were created all over Millburn, and the government organized a total of a 10 million dollar grant, so that store owners could apply for a 5 thousand dollar grant. The state and all of the residents did a phenomenal job in helping businesses and shops that were devastated because of the flooding. While this Hurricane Ida was a devastating hurricane for Millburn store owners, the community was able to come together and help like they always do!